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Harlem Link is a Pre-K to 5 public charter school that has offered a high quality educational choice to families in Harlem since 2005. Our school attains high levels of academic achievement in a safe, nurturing environment through a well-rounded curriculum. 

The 1954 Brown v. Board of Education ruling and the civil rights movement brought national attention to the achievement gap between students from communities with severely limited resources and those born with socioeconomic advantages. That gap persists to this day, and Harlem Link is part of a wave of charter schools that opened in the last decade in New York City with the intention of providing academic opportunities for families across income levels and proving that demography is not destiny.

Our results speak for themselves: Our charter was renewed by one of the toughest charter authorizers in the country; all our graduating students gained admission to high quality middle schools (until recently an unthinkable accomplishment for a Harlem public school); and our state exam results have been consistently superior to the schools in the surrounding school district. Harlem Link has continually outperformed similar schools statewide, and the longer students stay at our school the better they have performed.

What we offer

The primary reasons for our success are our clear and compelling vision, our team concept in which teachers take the lead in formulating the rigorous curriculum they teach and our opportunities for family involvement. We also pay attention to details that too many public schools ignore, such as the consistency with which teachers use language from grade to grade to build a common culture and the quiet tone of our hallways.

New York State Commissioner of Education John King described high performing schools as having:

“Rigorous curriculum. Excellent teachers. A longer school day and a longer school year. A real focus on data, in which teachers are constantly looking at how students are doing. And a real focus on professional development.”

This set of attributes is what Harlem Link aims to provide.

The Harlem Link choice

Thank you for visiting our website. We hope that you’ll find here the information you are seeking, and that you’ll endeavor to learn more by coming to our school and seeing our scholars in action. If you’d like to donate your time or your money or both to Harlem, you can do so through this site. We and our students would be grateful for your help, and we think you’d find your participation in Harlem Link’s success to be gratifying.


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W, 03/26: Harlem Link Board Meeting (6:15-8:00 PM); Luminus Management 1700 Broadway

T, 03/27: New Student Information Session (8:45-10:00 AM); Room 208

T, 04/02 - W, 04/03: ELA State Exam

S, 04/06: New Student Infomation Session (10:00-12:00 PM); Room 208