Working at Harlem Link is challenging but rewarding thanks to the support of a strong team of colleagues and demanding expectations for students and staff members alike. With a rigorous curriculum and high standards for both students and employees, Harlem Link employs a comprehensive hiring process. For all positions, we will seek individuals who embody the Harlem Link Staff Qualities.

Get to know us by subscribing to our blog, following us on Twitter (@harlemlink) and LinkedIn, liking us on Facebook, and sending inquiries to Due to the volume, we require all candidates to apply online.

Teacher Hiring Process

Harlem Link is proud to be an equal opportunity employer. It is the policy of Harlem Link to seek and employ the best qualified employee without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, national origin, ancestry, age or disability.  When faculty positions open, we follow the process below to select prospective teachers:

  1. We accept the candidate's application, resume, and cover letter online through the link above. We do not accept resumes via fax or post.
  2. For candidates who meet desired qualifications at this stage, a staff point person conducts an initial interview via phone.
  3. Candidates who have a successful initial interview are required to teach a demonstration lesson at the school, complete performance tasks, and then debrief with teachers and leadership team members.
  4. A final interview is usually granted and completed following the demonstration lesson.

Harlem Link Staff Qualities

Kate and Sekou

Lower grade teacher:

"The culture between teachers in this school is a strong one. I appreciate and love every effort made by the staff to bring us together. I couldn't ask for a better family to work alongside with.”

(Anonymous staff survey, 2013)