Our Results

Now in its eleventh year of operation, Harlem Link has established an impressive array of academic and organizational achievements.  The school’s charter has been renewed by the State University of New York, recognized as one of the nation’s most rigorous charter school authorizers. In the spring of 2013, the school earned a full five-year charter renewal from SUNY, extending into 2018. 

Harlem Link has consistently outperformed other Harlem public schools on state exams since first administering them in 2008.

Percent passing chart

Since inception, Harlem Link has consistently had an exemplary passing rate on the fourth grade New York State Science Test. (Note: fourth grade is the only elementary grade in which the state tests science achievement.)

Science passing chart

Harlem Link’s Response to Intervention (RTI) program, in place since 2007, has helped the school dramatically lower the number of students scoring at the lowest level on state tests.

Level 1 chart

The longer students are enrolled at Harlem Link, the better they fare on New York State tests.

Passing by years enrolled chart

Finally, Harlem Link students have gained admission to some of the most competitive middle schools in New York City.   In addition to a number of high quality charter schools, our alumni attend such elite district middle schools as Mott Hall, Mott Hall II, and the Columbia Secondary School.  We remain committed to our alumni through their college graduation.


“Harlem Link is fulfilling its mission to graduate articulate scholars who will meet or exceed NY State Performance Standards."

(SUNY renewal report, 2013)