Staff Testimonials

Comments from anonymous winter 2012 survey

“The curriculum is strong!” (K-2 Teacher)

"There is a great culture at Harlem Link" (K-2 Teacher)

"Anywhere students go, there is routine and consistency" (K-2 Teacher)

"Although my assistant principal provided critical feedback and has high expectations, he also keeps morale by frequently celebrating the small things and letting us know he is in our corner." (3-5 Teacher)

"I'm happy with the professional development here at Harlem Link." (Specialty Teacher)

"Among teachers, there is a friendliness and sense of unity." (K-2 Teacher)

"...our team has a positive outlook. Even when things get challenging, we work hard to get things done and keep ourselves and our students moving forward." (K-2 Teacher)

"Feedback has been consistent and constructive." (K-2 Teacher)

"If I needed support finding school in or out of school resources, I feel confident that those needs would be met quickly and with an open mind by my supervisor." (K-2 Teacher)

Quotations from the 2013 SUNY Renewal Report

(Source data includes observations and teacher interviews)

“Teachers give students frequent opportunities to engage in rigorous classroom discourse."

“Teachers challenge students with various questioning techniques."

“Harlem Link develops curriculum that effectively supports teachers in their instructional planning."

"Harlem Link is fulfilling its mission to 'graduate articulate scholars who will meet or exceed New York State Performance Standards.'"

EL with a Class

Lower grade teacher:

“Feedback has been consistent and constructive.”

(Anonymous staff survey, 2012)