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Welcome Message

Dear Parent,

Welcome to Harlem Link’s website. I hope you find the information you are seeking here, whether you are a returning parent who has been part of our family for years, someone new to our community looking for a challenging and excellent educational option for your child, or the parent of one of our proud recent graduates, we hope this website provides one-stop shopping for you for information and resources.

We are so thrilled that our school community has developed into a place where hundreds of families are trusting us with the care and growth of the most important part of their lives – their children. Through the many ways we have built bridges between home and school and encouraged robust family involved, our families know that we have created a safe environment and that doing so is our number one priority. They know that we have a serious academic environment with a well-rounded curriculum and that as a charter school, and that we make curricular decisions ourselves and therefore are insulated from the fashionable changes happening around us that have more to do with adult politics than what kids need to be successful. They know that we believe that in school, the road to college starts in kindergarten, as evidenced by the top middle schools to which our graduates have gained admission since 2010.

“Don't take away my village!”At Harlem Link, we know it takes a village to raise a child. We hope you feel the same way – the way we felt when we pledged to Tommasita, the sister and guardian of one of our 2010 graduates, that we would continue to support her younger brother along with her family even after he graduated. She said, “I hope so – don’t take away my village!”

Steven Evangelista
Principal and Co-Founder


Harlem Link parent:

"I have never been to a school where parents were given so much information, to actually have an intellectual conversation explaining the curriculum."